MAEY BASRI, Designer

BASRI is the brand of Indonesia Based. In Arabic language, the meaning of BASRI is My Eyesight or Penglihatanku (in Bahasa Indonesia). According to the meaning of BASRI, our Founder—Maey Basri thinks clearly about how connected it is with fashion and lifestyle which became one of our Needs of Existence from years and years to the daily-life now.

People want looks dress well because it’s one of the truth to make themselves more confident and happier, including ourselves. We want looks fresh and fashionable in every moment, in classy touches. Let ourselves enjoy the beautiful creations to feel the valuable of designs and bring cheerful with it.

The other reason she took BASRI as the brand name as a honor her Father, Hasan Basri. For her personally, BASRI is feel like mixing of love, intimacy, excitement, hope, passion, share, worth and lifestyle which can inspires others in a beautiful way and positive vibes.

By 7 years along Maey learns, researches, observes, works in fashion industries from Jakarta to Bali. Meet and connected with international people from around the world. Now she is decided to build and share all beautiful yet elegant creation through BASRI. She’s with BASRI Team together work and share the ideas and designs in love vibes. They create and produce BASRI product in a finest quality collections. It is important for all of us to have the best quality of what we have. What we wear.

All product we have is produced in Bali with the Talented & Skillful of Local Tailors and Artisan to make all dresses and accessories to the jewelry wear-well. We connect with all of you to share our beautiful pieces from one hand to another hand. Please be free to contact us to share any inspirations.

The inspiration leads the creation. Each taste is came from the deepest of passion of fashion.

TARIKAN KARMA (Pulling of Karma) is the first Novel by Maey Basri. It’s written from true story.

A daily based in harmony yet happily to be recorded in words to inspired each souls which connected with.


We’re grateful and truly happy to present our beloved boutique which opened by August 18, 2018 where the location at 23 Hanoman Rd., Ubud – Bali, Indonesia.

All collection there is available for womenswear, menswear, baby-wearing, jewelry, accessories to interior design. Each collection is selected in high quality using such like linen, silk, rayon, syphon and  cotton for clothing line. Our jewelry is handmade in 925 sterling silver and 24 gold vermeil. The accessories created in random material from pandan leaf, rotan and bamboo. We also provide you a very classy interior design with furniture like pillow, pillow case, frame, vase, display cabinet and more with using suar and ulis wood.

We thank you for the greatest support and love. We are very exciting every time we have your beautiful feedback. It means a world for us. Feel free to visit by at BASRI Boutique or even to just say Hello! We happy to welcome you!

Love as always,


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